Monday, 8 August 2011

Not being me, is not easy for me

Time, apparently, is the best healer. not because it heals, but because, it gives enough time for an individual to learn to control the pain of a wound. As I write this post, I recall yet another dream that I had. Dreams, somehow, have always managed me, to fill with hope, courage, a never ending thirst to achieve what I dream about, in ways that I would not be able to fathom otherwise.

My eyes were closed. I was not wearing any shirt. I could hear the gushing sound of the wind in my ears. Randomly blowing wind. It had its own rhythm. I was facing towards the sky. with my eyes closed, I felt the sun rays hitting my face. I could sense the brightness in my eyes. The tinge of red, combined with that or yellow and orange, mixed with the feel that wind brought in me. It was different.

I was there. Standing. All alone. I begin to open my eyes. Slowly. As slowly as I could. With every passing moment of me opening my eyes, I began to see where I was. Hill? No, I do not think so. Mountain? I do not think so either. What was it that I was standing on? As I begin to ask, I find no answers, and yet, I manage to notice that the place where I stood was above everything that surrounded me. I could view it all. The wind began to blow again. And this time around, I stretch my arms, an attempt to hug the wind.

As I stood there, on topmost point of it all, from where I could see it all, I noticed that my body had several tattoos. First reaction was that of a surprise. Last I remembered, I had only one tattoo. But now, I saw so many. As I try to take a closer look, I noticed that all those that appeared to be tattoos, were actually my past wounds. My wounds, became my scars, which appeared like tattoos, a mark that I would now carry all my life, till death do us apart.

Not being me, is not easy for me and hence I could not let myself stop from thinking about each of those. I stood there, looking at all of them. One by one. Some of them reminded me of battles I had fought with myself, struggles I went through. Those moments, trials and tribulations as they say, moments that made me stronger every passing day. As I continued seeing them, they reminded me of all the painful days that I had lived, all the hard efforts that I had put in, all those that went out without the reward anywhere in the sight. All those moments, flashed right in front of me, and as much strong as I had become over time, I realized tears were out. With my right thumb, I wipe them out. I look at the sky, clench my fists, take a deep breath, close my eyes, and breathe out opening my eyes.

I now began to look at some of the wounds, those that were a result of a much fiercer battle in life, the ones that resulted in victories. As I began to think of these, there was some sort of determination building up in face, some kind of strength building within me, a motivation may be, perhaps, positive energy. Several thoughts started coming to my mind.

As much as distance, though of few hundreds of miles, makes me live a life several lives away, I realize that time indeed has made me stronger. I correct saying it, time did not heal anything. it just had made me stronger. Standing there, I said unto myself, "Whatever happens, I aint gonna give up, because not being me, is definitely not easy for me".

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

As an Eagle, I flew

This post has been on the back burner for quite a while. For reasons known to me, and of-course to some of my friends, Bangalore has become a very nostalgic territory to me. I walk in streets, memories just flood. I visit places, memories begin to not just overpower me but also overcrowd me. As I think of it, even my workplace turns out to be quite a nostalgic place.

So, that's the background to this post. What you read ahead is possibly the culmination of it all, outcome being a freedom, not knowing how long it is going to last. But yet, freedom nevertheless.

In random memories, I began to see a pattern. In my insomnia I began to dream. Where perhaps existed a world within, I experienced a void, whose depths remained unknown to me. As I began to wrap the day, I hit the bed. Yep, I literally hit the bed. This was few weeks ago. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and experienced a sigh of relief. It felt quite relaxing. In no moments I am sure I was fast asleep.

As i remember, I woke up looking at the ground beneath my feet.

"What are these cracks? I see them all over, all around me.", I say to myself.

Hoping to see someone around, I make a 360 degree turn. Not a single soul other than me. I look at my feet. Dry. Worn out. Pale. Yes, I had been walking on a barren land for a while. Clear blue sky, scorching heat, dry throat, and yet, a hope in heart for a running stream closely. Ironically, for as far as my sight went, I could see no tree. I look towards the sky, closing my eyes, I make a wish.

"God, I have no idea why I am here. If this is what you have planned for me, guide me further. I am vary, tired, filled with doubt, and have no idea where I am headed towards. Guide me. Lead me."

My eyes were still closed. I felt the heat turning to cold atmosphere. Nit sure what it was, I kept my eyes closed. It became colder colder and colder. I began shivering. I felt something wet in my feet. I suppressed my eyes and opened them. I was standing at the cliff. White and bright sky, snow as while as milk all around. At the cliff, like a slope. With all my gears on.

I hear someone shout, "Come on Mithun, your turn now. Time to rock n roll!"

I look around, I see some guy, guess he was my instructor. I take a deep breath, and feel the pounding heart. I move. I slide. Down the hill I went.



So there I was, with all my gear, as I looked at myself for few brief seconds, I noticed I had it all in White. White helmet, white gloves, white Skii carrier, white trousers, white jacket, white shoes and I am sure my socks were white too. Soon after I finished having a look at myself, I put on the goggles back, almost like an involuntary action. That is when I realized I had worn red goggles. The world suddenly appeared in red. As I went down the mountain, speed increased.

zzzzzzzzzzzooooooooop.. I turned right.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzooooooooooooppp.. I turned left..

Same pattern followed for a while. And then there was plain terrain. As I moved forward, there was a small ramp. I began moving upwards. Speed began reducing. Heart, began pounding. I wondered what was out there. As I moved towards the ramp, the white sky filled with clouds now began to get clearer. I began to notice the blue tinge in the sky. My eyes were now focussed on the ramp. Ski poles now pointing backwards, legs in firm position, leaning towards, I faced the end of the ramp. And then, it was an amazing ski jump into the air. Just amazing.

I let go of the ski poles, took of my goggles. I flipped myself for 2 times and then began diving. White. I was diving into an endless white.

As I began going towards, I took of my helmet. Whoooosh.. It flew away or may be I was falling faster I took of my gloves. Speed increased. The whiteness aka the clouds, started to clear away. I began seeing blue. Once again, Blue. I was scared. As the image became clearer, I realized I was diving into an ocean from a height of over my imaginations.

"What the hell, chuck the fear, I am facing this head on.", I said to my self.

I screamed in my loudest voice possible, "Wohooooooooooooooooooooooo"....

Looking straight into the ocean, as if it was looking straight into my eyes, I dive.

Splaaaaaaaaaaassshhhhhhhh !!!!! A loud sound followed.

As I looked around, it was crystal clear blue water all around me, of course tasted like salt. I began swimming upwards. As I began, I noticed that the sweater was off me due to the dive. I was now bare bodied. So there i was, in deep ocean, falling from a high mountain, a dream dive, something that I have always wanted to do. I emerge out with amazing energy. Happiness all over me, some sense of achievement. I take a deep breath and wipe the surging water off my face. I look around. A shock. Wait for it. A shock.

I look around. Nothing. Absolutely nothing around. Water all around to the farthest distance that my sight could see. I began turning around with my eyes closed. When I stopped, I looked ahead, and began swimming.

I swam, swam and swam. For a long distance, all I did was swim, swim and swim. At one point, arms began to ache. Legs began to give up. I was now filled with fatigue. I began giving up. I mustered all the strength, and swam for some more minutes. I clearly remember that place. All of a sudden, the water began turning into dark blue.
Now there is this one thing every swimmer all around the world knows for a fact. The dark the water color appears in an ocean, the deeper is going to get. I entered into a vastness of deep dark blue area in the ocean. (For a change it was not triangular in shape, for I was glad I had not entered Bermuda's triangle!).

I was now being pulled into the depths of ocean. I tried to remain floating, flapping feet as past as I could, but to no avail. I was pulled. Pulled downwards. Not knowing what the unseen force was, fearing something treacherous, I continued to fight back. Pull grew stronger and I began choking. Water began filling my chest. Pain began increasing. Damn! The pain. As the pain grew more, I began losing consciousness. I began drowning into the deep dark oblivion.


Darkness all around. Pitch black. Desperate attempts to find some light went in vain. I struggled. Eyes moving rapidly.


With great difficulty, after a lot of struggle, I manage to see something, with a blurred vision. I realize I was beginning to open my eyes that were possibly shut for a long time. I try to gasp for air to breathe only to choke myself for the pathetic attempt. I was lying on a bed. On my bed, in my bedroom, in my home.

Trying to put myself together back again, I get out of my bed, walk out to see and talk to anyone that would be there. To my astonishment, there lived no one in the entire house apart from me. I walk out. Go into the street. I begin to search. At first, the search was for someone to whom I could talk to. The search slowly turned intense. I now began to run around in the empty streets. All around me, were buildings. I as now running around like a nomad in the concrete jungle. In my quest for the search, I came across every material needs I ever had. It was all there, right infront of me, which I could have easily picked. No one was there to question me, and yet, I never felt it important. Something was incomplete in me. I went on. Street to street, area to area, covering the entire town.

The void was killing me. It was making me go insane. I ran. Faster and faster, reminding myself of Forest Gump. I am sure I would have knocked Tom Hanks off the track. I ran faster, faster and faster...and faster. Just like an airplane builds up speed before take off, I ran. Increasing speed. There was so much of anger building up within me, so much of frustration, so much of unseen power trying to hold me back, I just ran. Determination oozed out with every step I leaped. As I ran, i realized i had begun cycling in the air and I had almost taken off into the air. I looked down, shell shocked. I am in the air.

My instant reaction? "What the what the what? I am in the air."

As I began flying, I realized, wings began appearing. But something was holding them back. Much like clutches. Chained. I saw huge chains. one on my right wing and the other on my left. Huge chains, that were attached to a huge boulder on the ground. I saw my legs turning into claws. As I looked at my nose, it became harder and began turning into a beak. I wish I could see my eye lids.

I flapped my wings this time. Felt weird at first. But I began enjoying it. Yeah, there was pain but I was a bird. As much as I tried to fly high, the chains held me back. I tried harder with each flap. I saw the chains crack. I flapped harder. I flapped. Flapped and flapped. The chain on my right broke open. With all my focus on my left wing, I flapped harder, trying to pull myself out of the clutches. As the chain on left broke open, I flew backwards. I guess such was the attempt. I now, began flying with all the zeal. In complete freedom. I flew higher, and higher and higher. I flew towards the mighty Sun. As I began flying higher, my feathers began shining. Aah the glitter. I never felt as much happier before. I took a huge right turn in the mid air. It filled me with immense confidence. After a little flight, I took a huge left turn.

In the mid air, I now saw things from up above. Somehow, I managed to see the most minute thing on the ground and yet never had to put an effort in seeing it. It felt real good.

I flew faster and faster. With my wings spread wide apart. The more I flew, the more was the gush of the wind. The sound of the wind in my ears, I felt the gush of the wind is wings. At that moment, at that very moment, I realized, that I flew not just as a mere bird. I realized that as an eagle I flew.


As an Eagle, I flew.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

God Knows.

There were two other names that I had thought for this post. The Miasma of Emotions or My Oath for 2011. However, I decided to call it as 'God Knows'.

Over a year ago, at Goa, more precisely, at a pond near Arambol beach, I almost drowned, trying to save a friend of mine from drowning. In those almost dying moments, when water seeped into my lungs, and pain began growing, something happened. I began going under. On one side, I saw light. The rays piercing water. This was at a distance, say 10 meters from me. I turned to my right. I saw darkness. Greenish black. In my feet, I felt the plants, plants that grew deep within the water. The moment was very creepy. So there I was, all out of energy, with lungs getting heavier, eyes beginning to feel fuzzy. I see towards the light rays on my left and look into the deep darkness on my right. It is said that in the dying moments, the truth emerges out of an individual, their deepest desires, wishes, dreams. How true. In those moments, of pain and feeling closer to death, of all that I knew, of all that I had ever seen, I saw her. Only her. Her prudent face. The one that shone in the darkness. The smile. The one that filled me with an energy. The look in the eyes. The one that filled me with courage to fight back my way to the shore.

Its been over a year. Here I am, writing this post. I fought back. I fought my way back from the clutches of death. The only thing that I had ringing in my mind all the while I fought my way back upwards, mustering all the courage and energy that I had left in me was a hope. One little hope, that I could spend time with her, that would fuel me for a life time. To this day, when I think of that moment, 31 December 2009, as much as goose bumps I get on my skin, my heart rejoices a victory, making me smile in rejoice.

That very moment of victory was the turning point of my life, a moment of transformation as an individual. It brought winds of change in my life. My life took a whole new direction after that. I decided never to be what I earlier was. I decided to renew myself, my identity, my personality, outer as well as my inner appearance. Everything that I did after that, every moment that I lived, and will live, was and is going to be a moment that I would live for that one thing and one thing, for I know that seeing her there, in those almost dying moments meant something.

So as it goes, Year 2010 was a year of Transformation, Restoration and Reconciliation. I believe that I have transformed into a better individual. Self belief, faith in God was restored and I reconciled with everything that I earlier tried going away from. Lot of struggles, lot of pain, lot of tears that were shed, lot of efforts that were put in, lot of loneliness, lot of depression and a lot many to add. All in all, despite of hitting rock bottom in life moments, 2010 actually has made me stronger. Physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and in every possible realm. Regardless of all these, as much as I wished these did not happen, somewhere within me, I am glad they did, for I have become stronger.

At this point in my life, I pray that the dark clouds hovering over me go away and I get to see the silver lining, that moment when light shines over darkness. I want to see the light of the day and I know I surely will. For over a decade, I have felt that 2011 is going to be the best year of my life and for all it takes, I am going to ensure it is. Sun that sets, has to rise again, darkness that comes has to go away at the first ray of light. So will it be in me as well.

So here I am, my dear, the one that I have so loved, wanting to say few things, though already said, still are unsaid.

Like someone said, Love is what you see on my face when I see you. Love is what shines in my eyes when I see you. Love is everything that happens in my life when you are present in it. Love is that immaculate energy, the light, that drives away every smallest fear out of my life. Time goes by a lot slower when you miss the one you love. For me, it is you.

Knowing a person like you, has made me happy in a million ways and if ever I have to let you go, I would find a million reasons to make you stay. You may be out of my sight but not out of my heart. You may be out of my reach but not out of my mind. I don't know where my life is headed, but you'll always be special to me. Maybe one day in your life, you'll look back and say "This is where it all went wrong.." May be one day you will. And with every thing that I have, I will pray that you would never say that.

Everything that I have done, it has all been for you. Everything that I am doing, it is all for you.
Everything, is for you, for I have realized that when you really love someone, you give up everything, but you won't ever give up on love because that is never an option, never was never will.

For I know, that all that have been done until now, will not go without a result. All will weigh in true just in His justice. For I know that He knows what I have gone through and am going through and for I believe that he will do what is right for you and for me. Yes, he knows.

God Knows.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas of 2010

Its Christmas of 2010. A year that has been filled with so many memorable and unforgotten moments, some of which, I wished never happened. From the start of the day, to this time and I am sure for some more time to go during the night, I have been and I think I will continue to see this all around me.

As far as my memories go into the past, Christmas has been a time when I have been happy, shared happiness, spread the joy, made many more cherishing moments. This has been that one day in the entire year all these years for which I used to wait eagerly. Somehow, every Christmas, always, some memorable moments would occur. Oh Christmas, you have been so dear to me.

Happiness all around, people with joyful faces all around, merry all around, excitement all around, flowers, decoration, festive mood all around, people greeting one another, wishing one another, gifting one another, wanting to be with one another, loving one another, sharing that love. Aah those moments. Now that is Christmas, that is exactly what Christmas is all about. Messages on mobile, calls, voice messages, emails - wishes all over. Take that to the current world. People posting status messages, on Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, LinkedIn, you name it, people writing on one another wall, wishing one another, posting pictures, tagging them, posting videos, tagging them as well. Well, these are some of the many things that people do to wish one another on this beautiful day.

It all begins with plans and preparations, starting some where around 17-18th of December. Decorations begin around 20th. Shopping and everything else would be done and in place by 23rd. All the gifts, well packed, and eagerly awaiting for the gifts, people move onto 24th, the Christmas eve, with everything in place. Time to relax, and get ready for the celebration to begin, starting with the famous mid night mass at the church. People all dressed in new clothes, something that they all seem to be proud to let others see and shower accolades. Bliss.

Fast forward to the mass on 25th. Big one. All gathered, attentive, focused. Post this, family get together, with those who would have been invited for lunch / dinner. To say, this is all that people do, but to do, is what it is all about. Aah Christmas, this is what I had been doing all this while.

However, this time, this Christmas, of 2010, for me, it just is not.

From what I could possibly imagine, this December was filled with a lot of traveling for me. Mostly by air. Flight takes off, is in the air, lands. Hmmm, interesting. That is the ideal situation. Sometimes, during the time in the air, up above, when you think it is all calm, something happens. Turbulence. Turbulence in the air. All of a sudden, all the passengers begin to panic. I can understand why so. Love for life. Captain immediately asks everyone to put on their seat belts. At that very moment, pilot could do two things. One to go back, the other to continue to go further. The moments of turbulence shall come to pass. The pilot goes ahead.

Life took off for me in a memorable manner, to say specifically, the year of 2010. I quit alcohol, got back to God, joined gym, began work outs and lost close to 15 kilos, moved into a better role at work, got promoted, got my first car. Just when I thought that it was all going fine, I came across some shattering turbulence's. The Black Swan moment of my life. The entire course of my future changed with it. As much as I was theoretically prepared for it, when the moment arrived, it was far more difficult for me to live through it.

This Christmas, despite of all that has happened during the year, I am filled with a void. An emotional void. Throughout the day, amidst people, happiness, joy, merry, all that I felt was emptiness. Loneliness. A deep wound, A void. Took me over ten years but I think I finally understand why Shah Rukh Khan sang 'Bheed mein bhi thi tanhayee, yaad har pal teri aayi, roke koi mujhe zara, bhar na aaye yeh dil mera' in the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Christmas of 2010 has been very quiet one for me, personally speaking. Love, when it happens, is the most, actually the best thing that could happen to anyone. Its the absence of it that hurts the most, and despite it being present all around me this Christmas, in me, it is absent. Or may be, for me, it is absent.

Monday, 20 December 2010

God - Now, its all up to you..

We sat at Cafe Coffee Day, in the premises of the airport. After several moments of high running emotions with an aura of an inexpressible feelings, looking into her eyes, I said, "If there is anything that I could do, from anywhere, in any manner, at any time, to keep you happy, even if it was for just a passing moment, I will do it."

Stared into her eyes as I completed the sentence, paused for a moment and looked away, with a volcano of emotions wanting to erupt out from within and yet, trying to be calm on the outside.

That was almost a week back.

I met her again, after a week. It was an unforeseen turn of events for her as she did not expect that I would show up again. So was it for me as well. A week back, somehow, as I entered the flight and sat there for two hours to reach back to Bangalore, I knew one thing. I was going to come back to visit her. And there I was, back, but this time, it was different. Last time I went, it was for her. This time I went, it was for us (well, now that is something that is beyond my reach at the moment), for me. Somehow, there was this feeling that time was running out and I had to say, say it all, and get it all out of my chest.

Despite of all that has happened, despite of the pain in my soul, dreary eyes, may be I should be celebrating, for I did what was most difficult a thing for me to do. May be it was due to my prayers that I was filled with a courage to speak it all out and say it all out. Despite the outcomes, it is the effort that was put into that makes me look back into a year and half of my life and smile, though filled with pain. I could possibly write down everything that has happened during my visits, but somehow it just does not seem right for me to do so. Four days that I spent with her, has filled me with memories for the next forty years of my life.

There are instances when I begin to think that only if my heart had the ability to think and feel lesser than what it does, but again, I think again. If it were so, my mind would begin to feel and with that,I guess, my rationality would go for a toss. There is so much of pain within me at the moment that even if I were to smile, it hurts the most.

In the flight, as I was returning back last night, I began to think. Everything began flashing. All those moments, those thoughts, all that had been done, reminding me of the song 'Everything I do' by Bryan Adams. I for one, imagine the destination where I want to be at, and put every possible effort that I could humanly imagine and do because when I look back, I would not want to be filled a feeling of regret of not having done something. So even this time, it was the same. This reminded me of something that I had read online:

If you hoard love, it melts away. If you lock love, it breaks free. If you grab on to love, you end up holding an illusion. When you let love flower in its own way, it stays to support you. When you pass on love, it multiplies beyond measure.

Was it melting away? Was it trying to break free? Was I holding an illusion? Was i going to support me? Or, had I done enough for it to multiply beyond measure? I for one, do not know the answers for these. However, I know that over all these days months and years, it definitely has grown beyond measures. May be that is the reason why it is so difficult for me to be in these circumstances.

So there I was, in the flight, thinking of one and only one thing. I prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed. Only one thing. 'Its going to be really difficult to unimagine what I have always imagined, to go undreamt what I have always dreamed about, to not feel what I have always felt, to not think what I have always thought. God, you have helped me come this far, I have done everything that I could possibly do. I do not know what else needs to be done for I have no clue. Now, its all up to you.'

Four days that I spent with her, has filled me with memories for the next forty years of my life and the words continued to echo in my mind, God - Now, its all up to you.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

White with a tinge of Blue

When I began to fall asleep, somehow, of all the colors, I see White. I turn around, I see white. I look above me, below my feet, left to me, right to me, front as well as back. All I see is White. Radiating in purity. It was as though I was walking in a realm of bright White. For a quick moment, I thought the light in the room was not switched off. So I wake up, but as I open my eyes, I see darkness around. It was 04:15 AM. I increase the speed of the rotating fan, to rotate faster. As I close my eyes, the White-ness comes back at me again. With hesitance to continue and second thoughts of opening my eyes, a thought comes to my mind, to just continue and see what happens.

As I continue to lay down asleep, my heartbeat which in the beginning was fast paced, started calming down. After a quick moment, it was at ease. Some sense of relief, calmness surrounding and peace oozing out of consciousness. There sure is some kind of bliss in the color White. Although, one thought continued to keep popping up. Why am I seeing White everywhere? Like an echo, this thought kept pecking my thinking. And as this continued, I saw a dot. Very mild one.

Pecking question in my thinking was now replaced by curiosity. What is this dot? I saw it growing bigger and bigger. Bigger and bigger it grew. And as it grew bigger and bigger, the color became distinctive. Blue. The one that makes the clear sky look beautiful. The more bigger the blue appeared to become, the more clearer I could see what it was. As it became more clearer, I saw it was a person dressed in Blue, that was coming towards me.

I began looking at the person. As I noticed, it was a girl, in a beautiful Blue gown. In her hands, I saw something White in color. She came closer. As she came closer, I saw that she had White flowers in her hand. She was smiling. The smile that a girl has when she is about to meet her beloved. The flowers she had in her hands were the flowers she loved the most. Something that I have always loved too. 12. There were 12 of them in the bunch. Her smile, so prudent as she was. As I could now see her clearly, and her smile, heart that was at ease, now began pounding in symphony, perhaps, a million violins were being played just for that moment.

She came to me, and gave me a hug, lasting few seconds, followed by giving the flowers to me. ( I for once never wondered why would she give me flowers!). Her smile, it was something that I would do anything for it to last forever. Perhaps, everything that I have done until now, it was for that smile, the one that lasts from one cheek to the other, a proud natural jewel she had, an asset that was precious than anything I had ever come across. She leaned towards me, and said, "All in due time.."

All in due time.. All in due time.. All in due time.. Like an echo that went into silence, the words repeated few times before there was silence. I saw her there, right in front of me, smiling in joy.

I held her hands, pulled her towards me, kissed her on her forehead and said, "For as long as I breathe.."

And as I picture what happened next, I saw her going backwards, the way she came. In the same way. Flowers still in my hand, smile on my face, slowly went into the white oblivion. As I continued to see White all around, she began appearing fainter.

Amidst the vast White-ness, I now saw her as a tinge of Blue. And that is when I woke up. The feeling that continued to last was that of the White with a tinge of Blue.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Snakes: What could I possibly learn from them?

Honestly speaking, I am not really a big fan of snakes. I just hate them. Just like the way I hate cats. For a reason unknown to me, the evil side takes the priority every time I see a cat or a snake, blood rushes in high speed, much like an adrenaline rush, which fills me with a want/desire (or you can call it a rage too) to cause harm to the cat or the snake. After a while when I actually think of that moment of sudden rage, I laugh at myself. I cannot recollect the exact incident that has filled me with this dislike towards snakes.

On the other hand, it is completely opposite. My dad, is curious about snakes, so much so that if there were any programmes in the television in either National Geographic or Discovery or Animal Planet (television channels), he would be glued to the screen. I guess the most knowledge that I possess about snakes is probably due to the unwilling viewership (if at all such a word exists) from me while he watched the programmes.

I will admit one thing though. There are few things that I did learn from the life of a snake. The most amazing part is that the nature has hidden the lessons that humans should learn and are often revealed only when the time is right. For instance, a kid in his fifth standard would not come across a mathematical problem of trigonometry, unless of course, he was Spock from the Star Trek era. Likewise, life as well. Only when you are ready to learn Trigonometry, you will be presented (not the gift kinda present, but the present kinda present) a plethora of problems in Trigonometry (Actually, trigonometry was my favorite part of mathematics, followed by Calculus and then Conics). All these years that I watched Snakes on those channels as mentioned earlier, never once did it occur to me as to how I could relate a part of its life cycle to mine, or generically speaking, to that of a human. I always thought about that aspect as interesting, at times, weird.

For instance, lets take venom of a snake. It is there in it, it is not killing it and yet, when released into another organism, that organism is killed. Much like the malice thoughts in our heart, when actually projected ends up ruining everything.

However, what most caught my interest was the way the snake sheds its skin. Before I reached this part of this post, I did quite some reading online to know the need for a snake to shed its skin. Of several aspects of the whole skin shedding process(this is commonly used phrase, which by the way should be called as Ecdysis) some things caught my utmost interest. Apparently. young snakes shed more frequently than older ones because growth is relatively rapid in the first few years of life. Healthy snakes usually have little or no difficulty with shedding and tend to shed their skins in one entire piece. The shedding process is preceded by a period of relative inactivity. A snake will shed its skin as long as it's growing, and snakes grow all through their lives. And soon after shedding is completed, snakes consume a lot of water.

While I continued to think, I realized something that never made sense before. Even in my life, for that matter, I think its common in most of our lives, I had shedding process too. Not the physical skin, but that of an emotional skin surrounding the soul. While I was in school, and thereafter in college, it was so easy for me to get over things, of course, there was a definite period of inactivity, but shedding that emotional skin was of utmost ease. As I began growing, that which I used to do frequently, and that which was done in bits and pieces, was now being done in an entire piece but the only thing that changed this time around was the level of difficulty.

We all shed, a lot. Some do it with ease some with lot of struggle, some with pain, and for some, shedding goes in vain. And soon after it is done, there is an unprecedented thirst, a need to quench it, a void to fill up, but what matters is that now, a new journey begins. Sooner or later, shedding is going to take place again.

One thing continues to exist, despite all the learning. I hate snakes.